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Thermonuclear Weapons in Civilization VI

The IGN video above reports that Civilization VI has stepped up the game on the weapons of mass destruction front by including a thermonuclear bomb. These bombs are even more deadly than any previously seen and aside from dropping the cities overall population they can damage multiple cities and leave tiles within a five tile radius irradiated for 20 turns, severely damaging that cities economy for the duration. The missiles
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Civ 6 Reveals Arabia as Next Faction

By Liam Underwood A talented scholar and commander, Saladin’s wisdom won praise from enemies and allies alike. Saladin’s Leader ability is called “Righteousness of the Faith” (also a translation of his name). The worship building for Arabia’s religion costs very little faith to build and produces bonus science, faith and culture. Arabia’s special ability is called the Last Prophet: when the next-to-last Great Prophet is claimed, Arabia automatically receives the
Total War Warhammer Chaos
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See the Warriors of Chaos in Total War: Warhammer

Creative Assembly have given us a sneak peak into that oh so controversial DLC faction - The Warriors of Chaos. Originally unveiled as pre-order bonus to the anger of many a Warhammer veteran, for obvious reasons having such an integral race to the Warhammer fantasy world being sectioned off as pre-order bonus or purchasable post-launch has been generally considered blasphemous to the (manti)core (I'm so good), and so has been quietly shelved in
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XCOM 2 Players Rid the World of 59 Million Aliens

XCOM2 have opened their Global Stats Overview page - which quite frankly, has some very surprising numbers. For example there have been roughly 5,000,000 missions completed however no one has managed to even finish a game. Also the number of XCOM casualties are quite interesting, with 4,587,064 being lost to war, however 66% of those are due to collateral damage. In terms of the top scorers Rangers have killed the
American Truck Simulator

Free Demo Released for American Truck Simulator

There have been mumblings about American Truck Simulator not being too different from Euro Truck Simulator 2, those skeptical armchair truckers and anybody else who is a non-believer can now check it out, at demo level, for free. You can install it here from Steam. The content in the demo is at a reduced level with Nevada being excluded leaving you with the sunny state of California to roam around

Amazon Makes it’s Own free Gaming Engine – Lumberyard

Amazon has finally dipped it toes into the gaming industry with the new, and free, gaming engine - Lumberyard. Don't worry, no actual deforestation took place to create this software. Lumberyard can be utilised to develop both game on PC and consoles. It's free to download and apparently has “no seat fees, subscription fees, or requirements to share revenue.” It's interesting to see Amazon taking this new ambition. The engine is
Elite Dangerous
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Elite Dangerous: Horizons Announces Release Date

Frontier have come out with a firm release date - December 15th will see space goers going down to planet level among those delicious untouched space rocks. Frontier Developments means to make Horizons the first in a line of new additions, so the new update will mean that it is now where near finished. Planetary landings will see you driving buggys across the surfaces of dusty asteroids however this will
Grimgor Ironhide
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Total War: Warhammer Campaign Gameplay

This new gameplay video reveals a fair bit on how the Greenskin campaign and campaign gameplay will work in general. The Greenskins campaign will see you starting as a tribe making a name for itself by conquering other Greenskins and fighting for control of Dwarfen strongholds. Then seeing you cross over into the soft squidgy lands of men with looting, raiding and pillaging abound, being lead by the mighty Grimgor
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10 Minutes of Far Cry Primal Gameplay

In this new gameplay walk through, Ubisoft shows off some core mechanics such as animal taming, hunting for upgrades and seeking glorious caveman revenge for your fallen tribe. This video seems to have put most of our initial concerns to rest with the variety of things to do looking more and more in depth. Just the variety of tameable animals and an owl that can drop bombs (brilliant) has me coloured