October 28th will mark the return of one of the most anticipated games of the year back into being purchasable, that game being the final of the Rocksteady Studios Batman Arkham series. Following massive issues with the PC port of the game, back in June earlier this year, leaving most players capped at low settings and poor fps and many unable to play the game at all, it was soon pulled from stores, and all that those who had already bought their game were promised was the hope of future patches that might allow them to access the content.

With several patches having already been released resolving issues for some along the way it looks like this final patch should hopefully resolve all the remaining problems, though I still find it a strange decision to not release the patch a few days before making it purchasable again, considering that at this moment I am still unable to play the game in any way. A 4 month delay on a game this big from a company as big as Waner Bros is wholly unacceptable and I can only hope this servers as a reminder to other companies in the future to make sure that their product works before trying to sell it and its add-ons.

If you feel like getting Batman: Arkham Knight, you can buy it from CDKeys for $19.89 or £12.99.

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