Fallout 4
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Fallout 4: New Survival Mode Details Revealed

Earlier this month Bethesda tweeted about up and coming shifts to the way that the survival mode is going to function in Fallout 4 and now the details of those changes have been leaked. Survival mode is no longer just more difficult it's almost a whole new game, Details listed below. Saving Manual and quicksaving are disabled. To save your game, you'll need to find a bed and sleep for
Fallout 4 DLC
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Fallout 4 DLC Might Not Be That Far Off

Following on from the most recent patch to the hit game Fallout 4 may not be that far away from receiving its first phase of DLC content. @Bethesda has Tweeted a vague message about the upcoming expansion to the game and about how they will be reworking the survival mode difficulty of the game to provide an even greater challenge for those players brave and, or stupid enough to try
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XCOM 2 Players Rid the World of 59 Million Aliens

XCOM2 have opened their Global Stats Overview page - which quite frankly, has some very surprising numbers. For example there have been roughly 5,000,000 missions completed however no one has managed to even finish a game. Also the number of XCOM casualties are quite interesting, with 4,587,064 being lost to war, however 66% of those are due to collateral damage. In terms of the top scorers Rangers have killed the
rainbow six siege
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4K HD Textures and Patches Added in the First Big Siege Six Update

The first big update to Rainbow Six: Siege is out and it features a selection of changes to mechanics, fixes and a big cosmetic overhaul for compatible PC players. The free texture pack DLC will allow PC players with sufficiently powerful rigs to play the game at a higher quality level. Those with a 4 GB GPU can enjoy the pack at 1080p and 1440p resolutions and players with 6
Batman - Telltale
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Telltale are Making a new Batman Game

If I were to tell you that a new Batman game was being made, Telltale would probably be the last company you would think to be managing such a project, and you'd be wrong. Telltale are well known for recently making many highly successful heavily story based games often putting players in a slower narrative where they take the role of an individual who must often make decisions that will impact
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10 Minutes of Far Cry Primal Gameplay

In this new gameplay walk through, Ubisoft shows off some core mechanics such as animal taming, hunting for upgrades and seeking glorious caveman revenge for your fallen tribe. This video seems to have put most of our initial concerns to rest with the variety of things to do looking more and more in depth. Just the variety of tameable animals and an owl that can drop bombs (brilliant) has me coloured
Batman Arkham Knight

The Caped Crusader Returns: Batman Arkham Knight is back on PC

Following a patch earlier today Batman: Arkham Knight has become once again purchasable for PC, in addition to this the game has improved substantially (I can actually play it now at higher than 3 fps) but there are still reports that some are still experiencing the same issues as before, Warner Bros. have said that they will continue to patch the game to deal with these problems. Along with pushing