Fallout 4 DLC
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Fallout 4 DLC Might Not Be That Far Off

Following on from the most recent patch to the hit game Fallout 4 may not be that far away from receiving its first phase of DLC content. @Bethesda has Tweeted a vague message about the upcoming expansion to the game and about how they will be reworking the survival mode difficulty of the game to provide an even greater challenge for those players brave and, or stupid enough to try
Batman - Telltale
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Telltale are Making a new Batman Game

If I were to tell you that a new Batman game was being made, Telltale would probably be the last company you would think to be managing such a project, and you'd be wrong. Telltale are well known for recently making many highly successful heavily story based games often putting players in a slower narrative where they take the role of an individual who must often make decisions that will impact
fallout 4 - headless
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Fallout 4 Can Be a Dangerous Place, But Try Not To Lose Your Head

In any game as big or as new as Fallout 4 there are bound to be bugs, things happening that shouldn't be, ranging from simple bugs like floating items to major issues that can cause the game to just crash. A recently discovered bug goes into the former category. The bug was encountered by a player who was unfortunate enough to come across a Deathclaw during their travels, quickly running
Assassins Creed: Syndicate
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Syndicate Launch Goes Down As Worst in AC History

For those who didn’t realise (me included) Assassins Creed Syndicate launched last week. The game is predominantly set in the UK during the Victorian era. In terms of the release I must say I found it to be the least public launch of the series and as a result it only managed to sell more copies than it’s spin off relative, Rogue. Which is pretty terrible, when you consider Unity that
Fallout 4 Beer
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Fallout 4 Goes Gold – Makes it’s Own Beer!

Fallout 4 has gone gold. To celebrate Bethesda have teamed up with Carlsberg UK to provide UK residents a delicious alcoholic beverage to keep you hydrated on your dangerous travels through the wastelands which should give "a refreshing zesty hoppy taste and a floral aroma," available in 330ml bottles and at 4% ABV. The bad news is it's only available in the UK and coming in at £30/$46 a 12 pack
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Batman Arkham Knight set to return to PC on October 28th

October 28th will mark the return of one of the most anticipated games of the year back into being purchasable, that game being the final of the Rocksteady Studios Batman Arkham series. Following massive issues with the PC port of the game, back in June earlier this year, leaving most players capped at low settings and poor fps and many unable to play the game at all, it was soon pulled from