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Civ 6 Reveals Arabia as Next Faction

By Liam Underwood A talented scholar and commander, Saladin’s wisdom won praise from enemies and allies alike. Saladin’s Leader ability is called “Righteousness of the Faith” (also a translation of his name). The worship building for Arabia’s religion costs very little faith to build and produces bonus science, faith and culture. Arabia’s special ability is called the Last Prophet: when the next-to-last Great Prophet is claimed, Arabia automatically receives the
Total War Warhammer Chaos
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See the Warriors of Chaos in Total War: Warhammer

Creative Assembly have given us a sneak peak into that oh so controversial DLC faction - The Warriors of Chaos. Originally unveiled as pre-order bonus to the anger of many a Warhammer veteran, for obvious reasons having such an integral race to the Warhammer fantasy world being sectioned off as pre-order bonus or purchasable post-launch has been generally considered blasphemous to the (manti)core (I'm so good), and so has been quietly shelved in