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Fallout 4 DLC Might Not Be That Far Off

Following on from the most recent patch to the hit game Fallout 4 may not be that far away from receiving its first phase of DLC content. @Bethesda has Tweeted a vague message about the upcoming expansion to the game and about how they will be reworking the survival mode difficulty of the game to provide an even greater challenge for those players brave and, or stupid enough to try
Elite Dangerous
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Elite Dangerous: Horizons Announces Release Date

Frontier have come out with a firm release date - December 15th will see space goers going down to planet level among those delicious untouched space rocks. Frontier Developments means to make Horizons the first in a line of new additions, so the new update will mean that it is now where near finished. Planetary landings will see you driving buggys across the surfaces of dusty asteroids however this will
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Star Citizen Gets New Flight Model in Alpha 2.0

What does $100 million and a butt load of backers get you? Ah yes, Star Citizen. Robert Space Industries may have accumulated enough funds to purchase a small country from the amazingly successful crowd funding campaign but it's still going to take some development to get things just right. Especially so with the essential mechanics - notably how dogfighting works. Dogfighting in Arena Combat has been somewhat lack luster, there has