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Thermonuclear Weapons in Civilization VI

The IGN video above reports that Civilization VI has stepped up the game on the weapons of mass destruction front by including a thermonuclear bomb. These bombs are even more deadly than any previously seen and aside from dropping the cities overall population they can damage multiple cities and leave tiles within a five tile radius irradiated for 20 turns, severely damaging that cities economy for the duration. The missiles
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Civ 6 Reveals Arabia as Next Faction

By Liam Underwood A talented scholar and commander, Saladin’s wisdom won praise from enemies and allies alike. Saladin’s Leader ability is called “Righteousness of the Faith” (also a translation of his name). The worship building for Arabia’s religion costs very little faith to build and produces bonus science, faith and culture. Arabia’s special ability is called the Last Prophet: when the next-to-last Great Prophet is claimed, Arabia automatically receives the
Total War Warhammer Chaos
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See the Warriors of Chaos in Total War: Warhammer

Creative Assembly have given us a sneak peak into that oh so controversial DLC faction - The Warriors of Chaos. Originally unveiled as pre-order bonus to the anger of many a Warhammer veteran, for obvious reasons having such an integral race to the Warhammer fantasy world being sectioned off as pre-order bonus or purchasable post-launch has been generally considered blasphemous to the (manti)core (I'm so good), and so has been quietly shelved in
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Rainbow Six Siege: Improving Ranked Matchmaking

Continuing with their ongoing support and patching for the Tactical FPS the next update will be targeted at ranked matchmaking, specifically trying to pair teams up with players of a similar experience level. For a game like Siege where their aim was to make a truly competitive experience making sure that the ranked side of the game has a more balanced matchmaking will be key to keep players involved. The
Grimgor Ironhide
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Total War: Warhammer Campaign Gameplay

This new gameplay video reveals a fair bit on how the Greenskin campaign and campaign gameplay will work in general. The Greenskins campaign will see you starting as a tribe making a name for itself by conquering other Greenskins and fighting for control of Dwarfen strongholds. Then seeing you cross over into the soft squidgy lands of men with looting, raiding and pillaging abound, being lead by the mighty Grimgor
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Total War: Warhammer Gets Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses & Chaos

Release Date - 28th April 2016! So we've finally got the release date for, what is set to be, the biggest total war game made. The game will feature the playable races of the Empire, Greenskins, Dwarfs and the Undead with Chaos being the fifth playable race available as a pre-order bonus or DLC. You will be able to fight as any of these races over the Old World from the
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Advent Shield Bearer Revealed for XCOM2

'The Ultimate Support Unit' Reported by Liam Underwood ➜ XCOM2 have revealed the Advent Shield Bearer. This guy has been described as the 'ultimate support unit' so it's pretty safe to say you'll have to prioritise them as a target in order to reduce their effective support to the rest of the Advent forces. Just how easy will that be, I hear you say Commander? Well, he also boasts increased defence

Total War: Dwarfen Artillery Spotlight

After giving us hands on over the weekend at EGX, Creative Assembly have release another 'Introducing...' video for Total War: Warhammer. This one has definitely not disappointed.  The video sees a brief introduction to the Dwarf Engineers Guild and their ferocious secrecy of their weapons of war. The video then goes through three of the artillery pieces that will be available to a Dwarfen player.Organ Gun: The Dwarf Engineers Guild has
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Total War: Warhammer Cinematic Trailer – Hype Inducing

With the announcement of Total War: Warhammer all fans of the strategy series brought to us by The Creative Assembly sit on the edge of their seats to see if it can be pulled off. This teaser trailer already has me pretty stoked for it, but as always the proof is in the pudding, so, we being the wise minded gamers we are, will wait to see some solid results before jumping