Ever missed the good old fashion dialogue system from Fallout 3? Well, you guessed it, modders have thought just that. It’s called “Full Dialogue Interface,”  created by modders Shadwar and Cirosan, and it reveals the lines the main character willsay when presented with a dialogue choice, instead of just the vague responses you can give – which can lead to some unexpected twists in conversation.

If you include this mod you can then clearly see what you’re going to say, rather than clicking and hoping that it’s what you think it is, which has happened to me a couple of times and I’ve come off like a bit of a douche during most wasteland get-togethers.

Anyway, the mod itself is available from Nexus Mods along with a whole host of mods that we will be doing several spotlights in the coming days – so stay tuned.

Mods will also be coming to consoles in 2016 so anyone who has a console version  – be patient or buy a PC in the mean time.

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