Originally planed for mid January but pushed back so more important patches could be pushed out, Operation Black Ice for Rainbow Six Siege will be released on the 2nd of February and will add two new operators a new, map and “more”.

All of the new game altering content will be free to all players however the season pass owners will get access to the new operators a week before anybody else and after the end of the season pass only period each of these operators can be unlocked for 25,000 renown, might be time to start saving.

The two new operators are Frost and Buck from the Canadian Task Force. Buck is an attacker who comes into play with his “Skeleton Key” ability, which allows him to make use of an under-barrel shotgun attachment on his primary weapon.

Frost is his counterpart who will be joining the defenders and giving the attackers a cold welcoming with her “Welcome Mat” ability which allows her to place traps that can incapacitate enemies.

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