What does $100 million and a butt load of backers get you? Ah yes, Star Citizen. Robert Space Industries may have accumulated enough funds to purchase a small country from the amazingly successful crowd funding campaign but it’s still going to take some development to get things just right. Especially so with the essential mechanics – notably how dogfighting works.

Dogfighting in Arena Combat has been somewhat lack luster, there has been something missing from it and Cloud Imperium know it. That’s why the flight model will be getting a complete overhaul when the Alpha 2.0 update lands.

The new feature will be called IFCS 2.0 which will add a trio of new ways to fly – Precision, Space Combat Maneuvers and Cruise. To top it off these will be accompanied by a “3rd order motion control system” of which the explanation involved several graphs and many hurt brains. The general gist of it is it ‘will allow us to tune ships to be as stiff or as smooth as we need’. Good stuff.

Precision – This mode will be used mostly for really precise (go figure) maneuvers, so we’re looking at taking off, landing and turning down max velocity to increase control so you won’t be abruptly smashing into the space décor.

Space Combat Maneuvers – Now this is the big fish or space whale, or whatever space themed analogy you’d prefer. It will resemble the current model used in Arena Commander but it is far more responsive by comparison. It will require some getting used to, in terms of your ship and it’s load-out, and working out things such as turning circles. Also a new afterburner to give you that extra boost in those tights spots.

Cruise – This mode is for those long haul flights. It means you have less control, but on those long journeys it will be  a god send, decreasing your travels times between worlds significantly.

Much later on a Quantum Leap will be at your disposal which will allow you to cover inconceivable distances.

House keeping and general balances will be made and working towards the goal of “juggling different levels of risk, reward, and commitment.” It sounds like they’re going for high immersion and it’s going to be a game where you’ll have to think about every move you make, it doesn’t sound at all like a “jump in and play” kind of game. Which for the backers who’ve put in their lot on this game it will be a most welcome addition.


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