Creative Assembly have given us a sneak peak into that oh so controversial DLC faction – The Warriors of Chaos. Originally unveiled as pre-order bonus to the anger of many a Warhammer veteran, for obvious reasons having such an integral race to the Warhammer fantasy world being sectioned off as pre-order bonus or purchasable post-launch has been generally considered blasphemous to the (manti)core (I’m so good), and so has been quietly shelved in order for the flames to die down – you can read more about that fiasco here.

With little over a month and a half until the launch of Total War: Warhammer Creative Assembly have let down the iron curtain that has been the Warriors of Chaos in a battle where the Empire commanded by Karl Franz, faces an army lead by the Ever Chosen – Archaon.

One thing that immediately stuck me was the graphics have been pushed wayyy up in comparison to a lot of gameplay videos we’ve been seeing recently, that have been somewhat lacking in the polygon area. I think this is a good indication of what we should be seeing on higher end rigs.

The Warriors of Chaos have certainly been given credit here and are a fantastic representation of this iconic faction. Unfortunately the shadow of pre-order bonus content still looms over. Blood for the Blood God!

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