XCOM2 have opened their Global Stats Overview page – which quite frankly, has some very surprising numbers. For example there have been roughly 5,000,000 missions completed however no one has managed to even finish a game.

Also the number of XCOM casualties are quite interesting, with 4,587,064 being lost to war, however 66% of those are due to collateral damage.

In terms of the top scorers Rangers have killed the most with 15,611,091 kills and rifles being the best scoring weapons with 15,813,449 kills also.

The most deadly enemy with the most kills appears to the the ADVENT Trooper with 47% off all XCOM kills.

Anyway take a look through the stats – they are interesting and show that everyone else is having as much a hard time as you, because let’s face it – this game is pretty challenging.

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